About D&C Expediters

Grizzly bear mounted by D&C Expediters

Being associated with D&C Expediters since 1976, Tom Hardesty, Sr., had the opportunity to purchase the company in 1997.

D&C Expediters, located in Anchorage, Alaska, has grown to be acknowledged worldwide as expediters and shippers of hunting trophies.

We are world renowned for our museum quality taxidermy. Mounts produced in our taxidermy studios, located in Anchorage, Alaska, and Butte, Montana, are sent to private collections & museums in both foreign and domestic locations. We have mounted virtually every species of wild animals in the world that has been hunted by the sportsman and sportswoman.

We are also recognized for our honesty, reliability, & prompt service. We have accumulated over 150 years of expertise and are highly recommended by the Smithsonian & the National Taxidermy association. This standard we live up to every day.

D&C Expediters is managed by Shean Hardesty, Anchorage, Alaska. Office: (907) 344-9719, Mobile: (907) 441-2903. Our Montana office is managed by Tom Hardesty, Jr., and Joe Hardesty. Office: (406) 782-0569, Mobile: (406) 560-5569.