Conditions of Service

Grizzly bear mounted by D&C Expediters

Do not ship any animal parts (skins, horns, hides, etc.) that are not completely legal and proper in all aspects.

D&C Expediters have been doing taxidermy since 1976

There are seldom any problems with tanning or shipping; however, the following explains some limitations:

Taxidermy is completely separate from tanning. How skins tan is the owner's risk and responsibility. D&C Expediters services are limited to certain things. Most raw skins are shipped to a tannery immediately, via motor freight or air freight. Questions on their handling, or on insurance to and from the tannery, or while at the tannery, must be directed to these companies.

D&C Expediters suggests you have nothing tanned unless you plan to process and finish it immediately. Most 'tan only' items need considerable work to be made serviceable. There is no way to determine if a skin will tan well, or at all, regardless of previous care or condition. Some tan, but then fall apart when wet. Most skins tan well.

50% deposit required on all work. Mounting prices do not include fleshing, crating, or freight.

Seal, walrus, and sea otters are not accepted. All tanned skins require minor repair prior to mounting. One hour of repair work is included in the mounting price. For skins that require more than one hour repair time, the additional time is charged at $75.00 per hour and is additional to mounting price. All tanning is done at owner's own risk.

Bighorn sheep mountedby D&C Expediters

Tanning cost is included in most taxidermy charges. If raw skins are received, we usually send them to a tannery in an unknown condition. The tanning process takes three to five months.

Custom Work

A 50% deposit is required on all custom work. After process of your order and receiving the balance due, we will notify you of shipment and send you the Bill of Landing.

Goods will be shipped C.O.C. in some cases. Goods left in our hands 30 days after completion date are subject to a $1.00 per day storage and 1.5% interest charge (18% per annum). D&C Expediters sometimes ship out partial orders as we complete them.

D&C Expediters averages 6 months completion time. Unclaimed goods are sold for mounting charges six months after the completion of your order.

All verbal or written instructions are subject to D&C Expediters interpretation or alternatives we feel necessary.

Due to increased government requirements, certain charges must be added for foreign clearance and handling per shipment $200 to $500.

D&C Expediters Recommends

Rugs and Life-size Cuts
diagram of cuts for skinning for a full rug
These cuts are used for all rug and life sized mounts, except life-size mounts are not cut up the throat. The skull is removed through an incision at the back of the neck, the same as for a head mount. But do not detach the cape from the rest of the skin. Leave hooves or claws attached to the hide. Be sure to skin the tail and toes out to the last joint.
Head Mounts
diagram of cuts for skinning for a head mount
You must tag and insure all goods. Study diagrams, cut up the back of the neck. Your second cut crosses between the horn bases to form a T. cut the cape very long, at the center or behind the shoulder. Leave plenty of excess skin at the brisket. This is very important.
diagram of cuts for saving horns or antlers from a skull for a head mount or full body mount

When head, skin, and feet are to be used, preferably leave the skin intact. As you are removing the skin from the skull, go slow. Be very careful at the eyes. Do not cut off the eyelids. Use your finger as a guide. Cut close to the skull at the lip and the nose area. I suggest you cut behind front legs or leave the hide in one piece. Saving the skull is not required for head mounts or rugs. Save only the top of the skull with the horns attached. Cut through the center of the eyes as shown in the illustration. Wash the blood off white sheep capes or hides. Blood stains these animals. Do not shoot them in the neck.

Why D&C Expediters

Most head mounts are shipped six to eight months after we receive them. Rush service of under 120 days is available upon request for an additional 30% of cost. We use quality materials and the latest museum methods.